Bucharest Airport to Brasov

Can you get directly from Bucharest's Henri Coanda Airport (OTP) to Brasov? We wondered the same thing before our recent Romanian romp. The answer is Yes! And it is both easy and affordable!

Here's how to do it:

After arriving at OTP and getting your passport all stamped up, head downstairs to the parking garage and bus area. Walk across the parking garage and you'll be met with a group of men yelling out Romanian town names standing in front of a line of buses. It's really that easy. Probably a private driver will offer to take you to Brasov immediately, if you're willing to pay for that. We're thrifty, so we didn't.

As far as we could tell for public transit there are two options. There is an airport shuttle called 'Direct’ which is slightly fancier and more expensive (70 lei) but drops you off right next to the touristy pedestrian area. Convenient! The other CDI local minibus was cheaper, (45 lei), less fancy and drops you off at the bus station (Autogara 1).

We chose the bus that was leaving next which turned out to be the CDI minibus. It was super convenient and easy. We bought our ticket from the CDI representative in the garage. We had bought a little Romanian lei from the bank in Canada before leaving, which made the process even easier. But, don't worry: they also take Euro. Once on the bus we stopped once during the approximately 3 hour ride for a bathroom break and so everyone could smoke. In Romania everyone smokes everywhere all the time. Thankfully not on the actual bus, which, given how much Romanians love their cancer sticks is actually a little surprising in hindsight. Anyway, from Autogara 1 in Brasov you're about 3.5 kilometers to the pedestrian area. A helpful local told us that we needed to take bus #4 to get to the tourist area and helped us buy a ticket. Helpful people are awesome. The bus tickets are 4 lei each and are for 2 rides. So you can either use it for a return ticket, or for 2 people on one ride. Thankfully bus #4 comes around every 10 minutes or so. Once on the bus, stamp your ticket in the generic bus ticket stamping machine. Both sides if you're using the ticket for 2 people, obviously. On one of our rides there was a ticket inspector making sure we stamped our tickets. For the pedestrian area you're going to want to get off at Livada Postei. It's a big bus stop with lots of different lanes for all the buses that stop there. Ask anyone, they'll tell you when you're there.

Et voila! You're ready to begin your Brasov adventure!