Tooth & Nail Brewing Co.

We have many beer-loving friends visit us here in Ottawa. We take them all to Tooth & Nail Brewery because it is awesome. Huddled around a small wooden table on a cold day in March, with the help of a couple of Sucker Punches (refer to #5) we were able to narrow the awesome down to a top 10 list. Et Voila! Here are the Top 10 Things We Love about Tooth & Nail Brewery (In no particular order):

  1. Location- In Hintonburg, an artsy Ottawa neighbourhood full of shops, cafes, and three breweries within walking distance. Obviously we would like Hintonburg based on the breweries alone, but being able to follow up beer sampling with browsing through an entire store of travel books, maps and globes? Tooth & Nail + World of Maps = an afternoon made of dreams.

  2. Service- The staff at Tooth and Nail are efficient and knowledgeable. Glasses of water are delivered to your table as soon as you sit down and new menus are printed with an accurate list of what's on tap that day. We like all of these things.

  3. Options - Breweries are all about trying out different beers. That's why we love that Tooth and Nail lets you taste a beer before committing to a glass of it. Grab a sample of a few (or all) of their beers as a flight or settle into a glass of your favourite brew. We think all breweries should offer samples! Isn't that part of the spirit of craft brewing?

  4. Hoppy Hours- Mon- Fri from 4-6pm $2 off a beer! That makes me very hoppy!

  5. Sucker Punch - A double IPA (8.2%) that is so delicious that its impossible to leave the brewery without taking a 6 pack home. Its brewed with " unheard of amount of hops" which brings about intense feelings of jubilation whilst drinking it, if you're into such things. FYI: The Rabble Rouser is also a winner for IPA fans.

  6. Fortitude - A stout (5.4%) Described as being a "dark elixir with aromas of chocolate chip cookies and mocha!" YUM! Yeah, you're right.. I should crack a take-home can of Fortitude right now!

  7. Variety- With a Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, Stout and Saison being almost always available you can visit Tooth & Nail with friends no matter their beer preference and rest assured that everyone will end up with a respectable beer in hand. Besides, you know what they say: A beer in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

  8. Atmosphere- Cozy and rustic, Tooth and Nail is a welcoming space whether you're with 1 other person or 12! We like the red coasters with Ottawa roadmaps on them, the Edison bulbs strung throughout the taproom and the artistic black and white beer label art.

  9. Consistent Quality- This is the main reason we bring all of our guests to Tooth & Nail. We know the beers we love, but we also are confident that all the beer brewed at Tooth & Nail will be delectable and great quality beer. We almost always want to order a sample of whatever seasonal is available just to see what the talented brewers have been up to!

  10. Glassware - We love that the beer at Tooth & Nail is served in a glass designed to enhance its flavour, aroma and general enjoy-ability. We don't have fancy, beer style specific glasses at home, so it makes going to Tooth & Nail all the more fun!

Great beer and good times with my favourite peeps at Tooth & Nail Brewing Co

Great beer and good times with my favourite peeps at Tooth & Nail Brewing Co