Beyond the Pale Brewery

Beyond the Pale is another one of my favourite Ottawa breweries. Their beer was always great, and their new location, with a spacious, artsy tap room, makes it all the easier to enjoy the large variety of beer on offer. Their coasters do not lie when they say "We are really F*cking Good at This."

Hard decisions made

Hard decisions made

The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable about their beer. In our experience they are exactly who you want to greet you when you're visiting a craft brewery. 

I love that you can order food from next door Art Is In and enjoy a delicious fried pickle sandwich with your beer. Order food at Art Is In, get a buzzer, pick up your food when its ready, eat food drink beer. Its that easy. 


Not only does Beyond the Pale have a wide variety of beer on tap, they have an impressive amount that you can take home in cans. I love that Ottawa breweries are moving more and more towards the simplicity of take home cans. 

Overall, Beyond the Pale has so much going for it. Great beer, a fun atmosphere and friendly staff make it one of our go-to breweries to enjoy some of Ottawa's best brews. 

Favs: Orange is the New Pink, Pink Fuzz, Rye Guy