Bicycle Craft Brewery

Embarrassingly, my epic idea to embark on an Ottawa Craft Brewery quest and write all about it was a bit of a fail. Oh I went to so many breweries since I wrote that post last February, but didn't tell you, my most favourite readers about a single one of them! Shame on me. But hey, 2018 is a brand new year, full of possibility and hopefully even more breweries. Cheers to 2018 and me actually following through with this great idea!

J enjoying his favourite Velociraptor

J enjoying his favourite Velociraptor

Might as well start with one of our favourite craft breweries in Ottawa: Bicycle Craft Brewery. I'll admit I'm a little biased as, based in party on their proximity to my house, I probably frequent Bicycle more than I do any other Ottawa brewery.

However, while their location really works for us, we continue to stop in at Bicycle because we love their beer. And their staff.

With feature flights and beer by the glass we often stop in for a drink in their cosy tap room, tasting any new beer on offer, rekindling our love of the mainstays and inevitably leaving with a four pack... or three.

If you follow Bicycle on Facebook you can be kept in the loop of fun events held in the tap room.  Yesterday Roku Kitchen was there cooking up delicious dumplings to complement your choice of beer! Why not while away a January afternoon with good friends, great beer and yummy dumplings?


Jā€™s favourite beer is the Velociraptor, a double IPA that they've recently added to their mainstays (thank goodness). Although it would be a tough decision, I would say that my favourite (at the moment) is the Luminescence IPA because it's so fresh and citrusy! Just released is the Peach Milkshake IPA which is also super fresh and fruity without being sweet! If you can't make it to the tap room, although we hope that you can, you can pick up their flagship beer, Velocipede (a solid IPA), in the LCBO.

Speaking of awesome, Bicycle has great swag. So if you like to collect beer t-shirts definitely check out their eye-catching designs!

Anyways don't take our word for it: head to Bicycle and ask one of their friendly bar staff to taste the rainbow yourself!