Quebec Road Trip Day 10

The next morning after a small hiccup with our trusty(ish) truck we were on our way to metropolitan Montreal. The starter on our truck was not doing its job, namely starting the truck. With the help of a couple amazing wrench rearing locals we were (nervously) on our way. It was weird to be in a big city after the last 10 days of nature and small villages....

Thankfully we were meeting our good friend Renee in Montreal so at least the last couple days of our trip ended on a high note.

J, Renee and I enjoying some delightful libations at Dieu du Ciel

J, Renee and I enjoying some delightful libations at Dieu du Ciel

We had booked a private room at MMontreal (not a spelling mistake), a perfectly located hostel in Montreal. Our go-to for Montreal accommodation is le Simone B&B, but since Renee was staying in a dorm we opted to try out a new place to rest our heads. Turns out Le Simone and MMontreal are approximately a 3 minute walk from each other!

We had a glorious (much needed shower), met Renee and immediately went for pulled noodles at Lan Zhou (so exciting!) After a warm, full bowl of noodle soup we trekked up to Mount Royal. It was a beautiful September day and so much warmer than it had been on the Gaspe Peninsula. It was a exceedingly enjoyable afternoon followed by an exceptionally fun evening. Dieu du Ciel was our first stop for a well deserved beer. I had been wanting to visit the Dieu du Ciel microbewery for a long time. Turns out It was totally worth the wait, and the long walk down from the mountain (stupid construction). Every beer we had at Dieu du Ciel (and there was a number since i ordered a sample size of each) was pretty much amazing and the atmosphere was cozy and welcoming.

We ate our left over noodles back at the hostel before heading out to a hidden gem of a bar (for us anyways). Up a staircase marked only by a small red lit sign, L'escalier was a fantastic bar with live music and so wonderfully kitsch. We just loved it. Like a lot. 

I woke up to the intoxicating smell of croissants freshly baking. So that was amazing. Two cheers for Quebec! It was definitely the second best way that I had woken up on this road trip. (What can compete with a whale wake-up, really?)

We met up with Renee for breakfast. She surprised us with news that she had decided to change her plans and go up to Tadoussac, too! It may have had something to do with our wistful retelling of our whale run-ins up there. Yay!

We walked around old town for an hour and went to Nudo for lunch because we had patronised Lan Zhou noodles the day before and when there are TWO hand pulled noodle places across from each other you obviously have to try both!

We found our truck which started on the second try (dear truck: I love you) and said goodbye to the 'nation' of Quebec (for 2016 anyways).


Top Montreal Tips:

Park in the parking garage under the library for $12/24 hours

Eat Here: Lan Zhou noodles, Nudo ( we're obsessed with pulled noodles)

Sleep Here: Le Simone B&B or MMontreal