Earth Lodge, Antigua Guatemala

Just outside of Antigua, (close enough to arrive in the back of a pickup truck) is the Earth Lodge. And, although the statement is bold I venture to say that it was my favourite of all the amazing places that we've stayed in our 2 months in Central America. Earth Lodge just has so many things going for it that it would be hard to compete with. First, the setting is spectacular. There is a variety of cabanas, tents, dorms and 2 treehouses. The opportunity to sleep in a treehouse would be a highlight in its own right, but in reality, its just a tiny piece of what the Earth Lodge has to offer. All of the accommodation options are awesome, and have their own unique features. There are small private cabanas with private terraces sharing a bathroom draped in hanging orchids, a 2 level house with a tree growing through the middle of it, and tents on platforms with double beds in them. All this on 40 acres of oak forest where the owners have planted 390 avocado trees.

From all of these cabanas, and especially from the common area, you have an absolutely breathtaking view. A deep valley surrounded not one, not 2, but 3 volcanoes. One of which, Fuego, is exceptionally active. Assuming its clear, you get to watch Fuego erupt about every 15 minutes ALL DAY LONG. It's insane.

Ok, so a spectacular property with fabulous views. What else, you ask? Well, only one of the most important consideration: food! The food is simply amazing.. My favourite thing on the menu was the Grilled Cheese with avocado and pesto. Oh My. Gosh- it was unbelievable. Everything we ate at Earth Lodge was delicious. Breakfasts, smoothies, sandwiches.... Every night was a communal dinner inspired by Meg, the chef. It always varied, bu thankfully there was always an avocado inspired aspect, and it was always exceptional.

Yoga in the mornings with sweeping views of the valley and volcanos? Why not? Follow that up with hiking to Hobbitanago, a new resort where they are building hobbit huts, for an afternoon beer and board game- you can't go wrong!

Even with all these amazing things, our favourite part, as always, was the people we met.  Especially my new favourite person, Katie from Ireland.

Overall, Earth Lodge is an unforgettable place just to 'be'.