Puerto Morelos

While Puerto Morelos may not be a "cute little fishing village" I had for some reason pictured it to be, it is definitely a quieter, and in our opinion, more enjoyable option than Playa del Carmen. We chose Puerto Morelos as the last stop on our Yucatan Peninsula Itinerary because of its close proximity to the airport. It worked out great, being a short 25 minute (and only 107 peso) ADO bus ride to the airport, while still having enough activities to be worth a couple nights even being tight on time. 

The Collectivo from town to the beach is 5 pesos and 5 mins. Catch it from across the Hwy behind the taxis. You can pick it up where it drops you off or, if you want a seat, pick it up at the bottom (SW) corner of the square also behind the taxis. 

The beach and water are beautiful. Strips of turquoise and dark blue. Everyone offers snorkel tours out to the reef. We snorkelled off shore and saw an amazing variety of fish from massive Barracuda to tiny neon guys. We only brought to the beach our snorkels, towels and the GoPro. I put the little bit of money that we had with us in a ziplock in my bathing suit. Then we found some girls who looked like they were definitely more into suntanning than swimming and asked if we could leave our bag beside them.

Eating in town was one of the best deals we had in Mexico. M$15 ($1) quesadillas! Tons of options for fillings, lots of veggies, spicy sauce to sprinkle in- Delicious! 


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