Rideau River Eastern Pathway

We love discovering new adventures in Ottawa! I'm not sure how this one has evaded us this long, actually. The Ottawa River pathway is one of our favourite places to go biking. It was the first place I thought to write about when I decided to make the effort to write about all the fun things there are to do in the nation's capital.


What I didn't realize is that Ottawa's other river, the Rideau has a beautiful pathway that is super accessible from our house without a car! While I knew there was a path in various locations I somehow missed the important detail that they all link together forming one long, continuous path of perfection.  And so today, we biked the Rideau River Eastern Pathway for the first time, right from our driveway.

While we usually drive down to the parking lot at the end of Island Park Dr, or leave from the parking lot behind the RCMP stables and bike along the Ottawa River, being able to leave the car behind AND mostly avoid biking on the side of a busy street was a treat!

We picked up the Rideau River Eastern Pathway at the end of Pleasant Park Dr and took the path south to the end (Walkley) just past Mooney's Bay.

We love that this path hugs the river and runs through three gorgeous parks along the way. First you come to Vincent Massey Park with a beautiful tree path that--in mid Oct--was like biking through a flaming orange tunnel. The leaves were so spectacular! Then you're in Hogs Back Park in no time. Make sure you stop to admire the impressive Hogs Back waterfall rushing through the rocky gorge. Every time we go to Hogs Back Park I'm always impressed that beautiful scenery exists in the middle of the city.



Way closer than I realized, just around the bend, is Mooney's Bay and it's picnic perfect beach. During the summer you can grab a snack or drink at the Baja Burger Shack. I forgot how nice Mooney's Bay is, especially when it's not crowded!

I'm so happy that we realized how convenient the Rideau River Eastern Pathway is before the season is over and everything is buried in snow for 6 months! If we're lucky, maybe this perfect Fall weather will continue to spoil us and we'll be able to squeeze another bike adventure in this year!